3rd Party Inspection Services provides accurate and reliable dimensional CMM inspection and calibration of gauges and fixtures under the ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 guidlines. With a combined experience in the automotive fixturing industry of over 12 years, 3rd Party Inspection Services can provide our customers with extensive knowledge of GD&T, effective fixture design concepts and overall industry awareness.


We also provide comprehensive tool and part layout, capability studies, dimensional PPAP, and gauge R&R. In addition we can supply our customers with CMM programs or provide on-site CMM programming and training services.

3rd Party Inspection Services is staffed with highly competent and qualified personnel which can help you with your quality needs.

ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 is a strict calibration laboratory standard which focuses on accuracy and reliability. 3rd Party Inspection Services is proud to have achieved accreditation for dimensional measurement with CMM’s and micrometers. We have maintained this quality system since 2004.

Whether it’s dimensional inspection, layout or CMM programming, you can trust 3rd Party Inspection Services.


Our Features


At 3rd Party Inspection Services, we apply the ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 standard with diligence.


Production Part Approval Process can be a tedious job but it is a requirement in order to proceed to the next phase of the process – production.


Do you want to make the exact replica of a part or replace a worn or broken die section?


If you have limited or no means of measuring your parts, consider 3rd Party Inspection Services for your measurement needs.


Capability studies are vital to your quality requirements.

Gauge and Fixture Calibration

The automotive industry is cracking down on reliability and traceability.

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