• Calibration
  • PPAP
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  • Capability
  • Gauge and Fixture Calibration
Gauge and Fixture Calibration

The automotive industry is cracking down on reliability and traceability. That’s why ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 certified Calibration Laboratories are held in such high regard. Often times, the gauges and fixtures that you use to assure your products conformance to accepted limits, must be calibrated in accordance with the ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 standard.

At 3rd Party Inspection Services, we apply the ISO⁄IEC 17025:2005 standard with diligence. Our accreditation is crucial to our business, and our reputation is critical to you, the customer. We perform full gauge and fixture calibrations upholding the highest level of confidence of 95% at an expanded uncertainty of K=2 (see our scope for more details). We specialize in gauge and fixture calibration and our expertise shows.


Production Part Approval Process can be a tedious job but it is a requirement in order to proceed to the next phase of the process – production. We can help with the dimensional part of PPAP. When you send your parts to us, your PPAP process is one step ahead of the production approval.


Do you want to make the exact replica of a part or replace a worn or broken die section? Without CAD, drawings or any information regarding the shape, geometry and positions, reverse engineering can be a daunting task. 3rd Party Inspection Services can help. Whether it is a broken die section, complicated 2D shape or even 3D mould or contour, we can generate accurate CAD that reflects the part in question. That same CAD model can then be used to verify the new part that you generate as a result of our efforts.

Part and Tool Layout

If you have limited or no means of measuring your parts, consider 3rd Party Inspection Services for your measurement needs. We do tool and part inspection with or without CAD. Whether the part is dimensioned in car line or die line, our top of the line software and expert staff can measure just about anything. Using a drawings or CAD model, we can inspect you parts for accuracy and conformance to the applied standards. Our extensive knowledge of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing allows for fast and accurate interpretations of you data. Our comparisons are then reported to you in an easy to read format, so that you may relay your results to your customer with ease and confidence.

Capability Study

Capability studies are vital to your quality requirements. 3rd Party Inspection Services offer total support for your capability studies. A good CPK⁄PPK ensures job security. A good measuring technique and a reliable CNC CMM part program is needed to inspect parts at precisely the same location on each part, thus eliminating process variations and ensuring that features are accurately measured. A 30 piece capability study is usually sufficient enough for statistical analysis to determine the control limits of any feature characteristics.